Pouya Kary is a developer who also has a great interest for design which made him one of those who tries to connect the technology and art. He's the creator of Arendelle Language, A computer language for creating 2D/3D graphics using programming and logic.
As a developer he loves programming languages, computer graphics, text processing and cross-platform programming and as a designer he loves interior, landscape, web, print, typeface and UI/UX design.
He is now the Owner and Executive Director of Arendelle Project and also CEO of Parallel Architectures, Inc. who also contributed to GNU Gleem as it's maintainer and once to Ubuntu for fixing a problem in halt application, Also Kary's website designs won the best BaseKit based website design for over one and a half year.
Kary is many other things such as a composer and a collector, a nerd with highest rank in, a cult-follower and a LEGO lover who spend all his childhood playing LEGO, he has his own artificial language and several different substitution cyphers. so let's just call him KARY.



ARENDELLE LANGUAGE ( 2014 ) : A computer language designed from scratch with the main idea that picture can be a grid and we can move through this grid and paint where we are. The language has very advance text processing engine who made Arendelle capable of going really fast.


PABBIE LANGUAGE ( 2014 ) : A computer language much like human English that compiles source-to-source into Arendelle. The whole language is a research on human languages started by Arendelle Project's Department of Research and Advance Technologies (DORAAT) to create languages that people with no past experience on programming be more comfortable at the start point


KARY'S CHESS KNIGHT PATH OPTIMIZATION SOFTWARE ( 2014 ) :  A software written on Arendelle Language for Kary's Chess Knight Path Optimization Algorithm, This software counts as the first Arendelle software that brings Data Visualizations and human-input based dynamic rendering to Arendelle Language. Very good for learning Arendelle


CODIUM A CODING SYSTEM ( 2013 ) : CODIUM is an encoding / decoding method based on prime numbers. It gives each character a prime number alternative and then by multiplying numbers of words it make a number from each word. for decoding by prime factoring the numbers you get the characters and then by running an anagram test you get the decoded version of encoded string


EQUER ( 2013 ) : One small command-line based super-mini app maker designed to make a Python command line software from a given mathematical equation so you can easily run a tiny app, fill the parameters and give your answer. It comes with about 7 commands that you must use them to build your app.


TEXTHOR ( 2013 ) : Prototype of a text editor interface designed for command line which gives you the ability to type commands inside your text that makes it crazy fast and super easy to use. The prototype only comes with functions for clearing the text, storing it ans also commenting inside the text.


SPACIUM THE FONT ( 2013 ) : A typeface designed in the style of sci-fi spaceship fonts. The type is not finished and may face huge changed in the future


NEXEAR ( 2013 ) : One powerful text editor designed to open and edit more than one file at time. Capable of importing PDF, ePub, DOC, DOCX and ODF to plain text and storing more than one text file in one .nexear file and coming with it's own built in command-line language, calculator, programming features, Arendelle code optimizing and lots of lots of more features


MATHMAN ( 2013 ) : Calculation machine with a console based interface and such a powerful engine. Because of the connections that Parallel Architecture had the software uses many private and hide algorithms the software can process math expressions faster than ever. Also the software comes with some applets that never existed in any calculation system before.


KINBOARD ( 2012 ) : A.K.A Kincob's Board is a virtual black board designed to be a part of Kincob shell but soon became a popular application because of it's fast'n'easy interface. It was also written only for Windows and discontinued so there is only one version available


COMICFONT ( 2012 ) : A typeface designed to be like a child-handwriting but soon changed to a very special kind of typeface and we named Comicfont because it was comic. The font itself designed to be used in some of Parallel Architectures projects but also released as a public-domain font in early 2012


PLOTHING ( 2012 ) : Concept of designing a bar-code to be like a pizza. Some prototypes are out but the bar-code recognition system is still under development by Parallel Architectures.


TEXTMASTER ( 2012 ) : Suit of 3 different Windows Phone applications for creating artworks from one input text. This 3 apps were Circler: An application to create a circle from a given text, This web page and Kary's logo is rendered by this software too. Waller: To create a picture from randomized shapes of given input and Starus a template for creating wallpapers. The script once continued by Hans W├╝rstchen that year.


KINCOB ( 2012 ) : UNIX Shell simulator for Windows platforms with many built in features like web search and calculator. Main point in designing the software was creating an AI based command line tool that understands human language named Semi-Mind core. The project discontinued by Parallel Architectures in 2013