Once upon a time I was happy with my Ubuntu

Since years ago because I hated Windows XP, I started to try and find a new operating system to meet my needs. I started with OS X Leopard and it was magnificent, I loved it because of it's brilliant designs, those blue scroll bars, The main menu, doc... everything in that system was a work of art and also I had iWork suit in there, The power of iWorks was something really huge and what i could do there was extraordinary, Soon I started to search for other OSes and I tried all the famous GNU/Linux systems like SUSE, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Elementary... and even other operating systems such as Haiku but there was this fascinating one "Ubuntu" at first I found Ubuntu a garbage because of it's leak of design, However after time when I first saw Ubuntu with it's new dark look in 10.4 I knew it was going to be awesome and then in 11.4 when my friend showed me Unity Desktop for the first time I just loved it and installed the Ubuntu on all my devices that very day. We had a very fun time together but I became a hell from 13.4, After two or three mounts after 13.4, First problem I went intro was the Ubuntu repositories could not update their lists and soon I became unable to install what I wanted, Back to those days I really wanted to use Vala language and I needed it but I could not because I could not install it. Then it was MonoDevelop, I had version 2 point something but Xamarin was just released Xamarin Studio 4 and the look of Xamarin Studio 4 was heavenly as I wished every time when I opened MonoDevelop to be Xamarin Studio but there was no package in their website, The drives didn't work, Each time I was going to open Unity dash the playing music went crashed and it even took 3 seconds or more! Worse was the updates, They wont install and one day I tried to skip some of it's errors and install the packages then I loosed over 40 of my system apps and it was hard to reinstall them
So this whole Ubuntu 13 was a living hell, I very desperately downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 and boy it's awesome, Somehow all I want is here for me, A very good working Unity, MonoDevelop 4! My biggest wish!, Vala, somehow everything is more awesome here! Dark themes for Nautilus, funny dash lenses, the new great looking Firefox but most of all shadows!
Yes the shadows of this new OS are so beautiful, Mac did this shadows long time ago and I never noticed that the true beauty of it's menu bars menus were the result of this shadows, In the older versions the shadows very about 2 pixels, here they are 15 or 20 and they have a very good blur, When you open a new screen and hover it over one another the picture is something more beautiful than every other screen
I somehow believe that Ubuntu is the best operating system can ever be written everything about it is pretty and I love it!