Arendelle: One powerful language for data visualizations

Arendelle for is more than just a language. You know about a year ago I could not even imagine that I can create something like Arendelle. At first was willing to create a very simple language with only 5 commands in my calculator until I found out that with a very simple technology I could implement a very basic loop into my language. and after a while I found out how to run one loop with in one other. This journey went so far so I found myself with a language coming with loops smarter than any loop in any other languages, with conditions, with spaces easier than all the languages and functions with a the coolest class and namespace system in the whole universe. I finally built the language of my dreams.

However only creating a language is not enough, You have to make it productive and fun. You know there are tons of languages out there which most of them are fast, reliable, quick and powerful so if you're willing to be a part of the play you have to catch them or you die alone! So I thought so much on how to create a useful rocking language to be loved by it's users. That's why we have all this great features in Arendelle.

Now, One of the reasons I believe I have reached my goal is this program I'm going to explain here, When I was about 6 while learning Chess from my father he asked me a fun question: "How do we move a Knight from bottom left of the board to it's top right?" and it was about a year ago that I somehow remembered this question and I asked myself: "If the board be in another size than 8 then how we'll do it?" and after about a half hour I developed a bunch of algorithms and mathematical formulas that could calculate and generate the minimum path for any size of board.

So as it was just for fun I did nothing to create a software for it because of course I had to create a graphical system and so on and it was to stupid to put so much time to software a useless algorithm. So it was about Christmas and I was designing the very first steps of my languages that I remembered my algorithm, language just had loops and I was rewriting it with my micro-compiler technology and I thought "O boy! Arendelle is the perfect match for my algorithm" I mean it's a language that moves a pointer in a grid and chess is a game that you have to move some characters in it's grid so actually there is no better language than Arendelle for this problem.

Funny thing about this software is it's only about 100 LoC (Lines of code) even coming with comments all over it and I even used no functions in it so some parts are same. You can find both algorithm and it's Arendelle software here online.

After all it's very fun to create a problem, find it's solution and write it's software in Arendelle, Arendelle is one very powerful language by the way