Arendelle apps now are just like other apps

Having your own programming language comes with a very cool feeling just like it's your children. Till this very day to run Arendelle programs you have to write their path in Arcade like 

    open /home/kary/main.arendelle

And you could see the result plus the time of rendering process but there was no personality for the programs and it was really the time to add this so I made Arcade capable of opening files from terminal like: 

   % arcade ./main.arendelle

So I could create a .desktop file in GNOME systems and point the command to:

   arcade %F

And so by moving it to the 


I could set Arcade the main application for opening the arendelle files and it was so cool because you have to change registries of Windows to get this working! But it was not enough and I had to change the Arcade in a way that when you open a software from terminal it could give it a strong personality. So I removed the timer feature and set the main title of the screen be empty, Then I removed the loading Arcade IDE animation and replaced it with a static "L O A D I N G", The result was awesome. now the Arendelle apps are in my main menu beside other applications and they run and behave like them in a very natural way. I finally have designed a real working powerful true language!