All new Arcade IDE 9.2 Interface

To develop the main engine of Arendelle Language, I developed "Arcade IDE" a very tiny code inside Arendelle Language's main engine so when I was developing the language I could see my very last work by just clicking the debug button but after time I developed it more and more then I officially named it and build a website for it so it could be Arendelle's console environment. By time I changed it look so far, I added an about page and one update checker tool, I developed a way to write errors in the center of the screen and many more. In "Arcade IDE 9.2/14.0 DEV" I developed many cool new things that I would love to show you, First is my own console IO, In C you many know this thing as scanf in dot new you call it Console.ReadLine, in Python "input"... I had some problems:

  1. The input must be only number, So you can design a thing that asks the user for a number and the user may enter some bad input and the app asks for an other try, But you can also design something that user only be able to write numbers and no other key works! I did the second thing for my system.
  2. The calculation engine of Arendelle does not accept numbers with more than 18 digits so I had to design something that never accept more a number with more than 18 digits
  3. I wanted to alter the sign of my number at any time, This new IO port gives you this power, All you have to do is to press hyphen key and your numbers sign will be altered!
  4. Some of the applications run forever and while running they ask you some inputs, To get out of them you have no choice but killing the Arcade IDE it self, So I added the "Escape" key as one exit way, If you be in the IO screen, by pressing escape key you will be out of the Arcade IDE which to me is very handy
  5. I wanted my input to be filled centered in the screen, With the old IO ports it was impossible but my input system is pretty cool centered
  6. The cursor of the terminals are pretty but I wanted a very more Sci-Fi hackerish one , Somethings that be a match for my design and makes you thrilling. So I developed my own

So let's have a look at Arcade's All new input screen:



I have also developed an animation for the loading of Arcade, Which you can see it's final in the posts big picture, It's a centered text which is "A R C A D E I D E 9.2" that starts filling into the screen centered each time one more character.